Sunday, December 21, 2008

Midnight exploits of the wandering maidens

My day started at 5pm today.. no, that was not a typo. It was a late lazy 'p'.
Of course that was partly because last night had ended at 7am, with a helping of Lolita and a dash of Salman Rushdie. Add to that an utterly spectacular spell cast by the "Illusionist" at 4am, and you can understand my late resurrection.
Anyway, I opened my eyes to an empty flat(except if you count my in-her-romantic-world, glued-to-skype rumie), an empty kitchen and emptier tummy. Luckily I found a half full packet of maggi in some obscure cupboard in the living room, which I quickly turned into a sumptuous break-lunch-fast.
What followed was the usual weekend fare of lounging on the sofa, aimlessly switching channels and basically waiting for the torture to end.
On a sudden inspiration, I raided the fridge and decided to cook "the house special" aloo beans :slurp: :sigh:, which when paired up with spicy pudina chatni(which I found hidden in some obscure corner of our powder blue fridge) and ghee drenched slices of bread, served steaming hot, and accompanied by the finest chilled pepsi "my can", was the feast-de-glory.
But the best part of the day was yet to come. After dinner, I along with my three rumies(who had finally taken a break from their busy love lives), went out for a walk. Whistling and singing, both completely out of key, and dancing like drunkards, we made our ways through the lighted, empty, 11:30 pm streets of our township, towards the all night cafe for an after-dinner sweet tooth indulging session of steamy gulab-jamuns and slurpy ras-milais. Tavi had this sudden idea and whipped out her blackberry for an impromptu photo-session. And so, we posed like school kids, prancing around all over the place, laughing like a bunch of crazies and vying for getting into the frame. On the way back we stopped in the deserted park and draped ourselves on the stone benches like Egyptian princesses of lore and their hulky bodyguards(complete with the seductive pout and the body-builder poses),all for the camera's benefit. We brought a fitting close to the day(yup it was midnight), by going to the childrens' park and transforming into 5 year olds, running after each other, climbing the spider net, almost upsetting the sea-saw and having a competition on who could ride the swing higher. A couple of whistles from some guys on a balcony high up, prompted a string of the choiciest lakhnavi galis from neha, and fits of laughter from the rest of us as we finally made our way back to our flat, singing typical shadi-type punjabi songs and doing our own version of the bhangra.
And here I am curled up on the comfy diwan in the living room(my rumie is back to her skype in the room and i don't like to disturb her, and anyway i like the diwan a lot more than our bed)under my favourite cuddly soft blanket with the fan on full-blast, and the windows open to the world below, with a satisfied smile on my face at last, writing this post, waiting for the download to complete, so that i can get to watching the movie of the night. A day well slept and a night well spent...


anuj said...

masti vasti .. dhum dhadaka ..

*lakhnavi gaalis* are they any close to the *kanpuri gaalis* ?or they are move 'nawabi' in nature ..

umangexuberance said...

yup it was reinless masti alright :D
as for the galis.. I dnt know about nawabi but they were definitely very chatakdar.. If you know what I mean ;) :D

Anonymous said...

seems like being single is a whole lot of fun... btw, why can't we get a first hand report ie. with the pics and with the entire script of galis :)

umangexuberance said...

At times it certainly is :)
And as for photos, well I would love to put them up but my rumies would kill me :D

pooja said...

ohh ..girls time out is the best fun u cud ever have....completely connect wid this one , except fr the fact , the frequency is much much higher here ;)

umangexuberance said...

and I am very very jealous
so u r working right?

humbl devil said...

so girls just had fun!!!
a-la cyndi lauper of the girls just wanna have fun fame...

well, who doesn't deserve all that after a busy work-week???

umangexuberance said...

yeah!! that used to be my fav when i was a and my sis used to sing (scream ;) ) along every time it used to play in the car :D

"'coz girls just wann have fun!!"

pooja said...

hi ..nice poem , up there ..a bit sad , but than sadness is always bful . no m nt wrkng at the moment , jus about 2 finish my MBA frm icfai hyd :)
keep writing

umangexuberance said...

u r in hyd???
i am also in hyderabad
so are u staying in the hostel or a place of ur own?

pooja said...

at the moment hostel..but once m on the job (MAQ software) ..and if unfortuantely its hyd . i ll b taking up my own accomodation

zephyr said...

wowie!!! this sounded amazing!! especially the food part... slurp slurp!! :)