Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I miss

I am missing the joy that only writing something creative
I am missing being hugged so close that I can't feel anything but his arms around me...
I am missing the sound of a shared honest laugh over maggi cooked in a heating kettle
I am missing my best friend (a lot)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reading the "Signs"

Ever since my one of my best friends introduced me to "Sun-Signs" by Linda Goodman in my first semester of college, I have been hooked. I wouldn't say I believe in all those daily predictions that come in the newspapers for the different signs, but as far as the basic characteristics associated with each of the signs are concerned, I have found a lot of examples that fit.
I lov studying people and so I have learnt a lot about certain behavioral patterns of the sunsigns I have come most in contact with.

So, I decided to share my insight into these here at my blog.
I will be sharing one sunsign with each post. I invite you all to share your views on the signs and even your experiences with them either in the comments section, or even by mail (I would love to publish them here)

1)Extremely sensitive
2)Extremely caring
3)Extremely family oriented
4)Extremely vindictive
....a lot of "extremely"s there, but when it comes to cancerians, nothing is less than "extreme"

They are the best moms,
the best cooks
and there is something about them that makes u want to share your deepest secrets with them
they have great intuition and they love to say I told you so ;)
they are great when it comes to taking important decisions
when it comes to handling finance, well, they know what they are doing
they can be quite adamant about what they think is right and can be self-righteous(some people would call that an understatement)
not very independent by nature, but when it comes down to it, they know how to stand strong come what may.
they love getting pampered (yes we all do, but to them its as important as air and water to most of us)
they love getting gifts and will never forget someone who gave them one, or for that matter someone who didn't
they can also get a little too easily swayed by praise and a little expert buttering ;)

But they can also be really really controlling,
they never accept their mistake,
they never accept that they never accept their mistakes,
they are usually very impatient,
they are big time cribbers but can also be extremely resilient when it counts
they can use what u share with them against u if u cross them,
don't realize what they say when they are angry
and they can well, just be tooooooo mushy at times
they don't easily understand the concept of "space" in relationships and get hurt if someone asks for it (they take it as an insult to them and to them it translates to "I don't love you, I don't appreciate you and I don't need you anymore"

PS: My mom is a cancerian and I love her. I couldn't have asked for a better mother. We have had our little tiffs and taffs but she has learnt to live with my need for "space" and my wierdness and from trying to get me to "behave", today she is my biggest supporter in letting me do my thing. She loves me for what I am and trust me thats a feat I sometimes find difficult to accomplish. On my end, I have learnt to respect her for her strength and the sacrifices she has made for her belief and love in her family. I haven't said it often enough but inspite of her flaws (very very minute ones mom) she is the strongest woman I know...she is my ideal and I know I could spend a lifetime trying, but I can never be like her


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Innocent Betrayal

She sat there with her eyes closed, listening to the waves echo back the words he had just said...
the gamble he had played with his trusting heart and lost...

It was the stuff dreams were made off...the beach, the song from her favorite singer, the eyes full of the emotion she had always wanted to see...
But she didn't say a word..confused...looking for feelings she knew should be there...
And he stood there misunderstanding her silence for yes
He took her into his arms then...
Something within her panicked and she struck away from his surprised arms...
the arms drooped...the look shattered into a million crystals...struck down by the wall of her betrayal

She opened her eyes to see him chasing crabs...
To anyone watching from a distance, it would have been hilarious...a grown man on his knees crawling after tiny translucent crabs, being a charming little boy
But to her it was the most painful thing she had ever seen...a grown man broken in half...grasping for sanity which chased away from him, slipping into little holes in the wet sand

It broke her to break him, it tore her apart...but she had no choice...her fears, her doubts had taken over and masked the love that was somewhere inside...
And she had turned and run away...

she ran...

she could hear him calling...

but she ran...

she ran till she could no longer hear the accusing waves,
she ran till she could no longer feel the coldness of pain,

she ran for days
she ran for months
she ran for an eternity

and then she stopped

for she could smell the sea again
for she could hear his voice again
and there was the same love in it
she turned to see the look she knew was in his eyes
she turned to tell him she was not scared anymore

and there he was...

and it was stuff dreams were made of..the beach..the song...the eyes filled with the same emotion...

but his arms were closed and his head was bent, and where she should have been, was someone else...
she fell to her knees crawling away from the pain, looking for crabs that refused to come...
a little girl..a broken woman...Innocently betrayed...

Friday, September 4, 2009

A december evening

a mist of words so silenced
an embrace so sweet so violent
bodies mute
playing like a lute
a heartbeat missed
an earlobe kissed
a dancing soul
a burning coal
an evening I remember
of a forgotten December
the love so warm
impatient yet calm
the memories remain
like a foggy terrain
here I sit in my empty quilt
as cold as the heart frozen with guilt

PS: This is inspred from Priya's post A love Poem