Thursday, December 4, 2008

I don't know...

I don't know why it is so torturous to know that he is happy loving someone else, while I find it impossible to even imagine being in love with anyone else...


anuj said...

Phase !!

Sooner or later I believe most of us get over our past there are two ways ..

1. You loath yourself with the memories, and the anger or the guilt or anything negative .. and keep going down that lane .. untill one day you feel sick of the way you live your life and you eventually chuck it all n move on .. nd it automatically brings in some positive energy in courage (experience based learning)

2. You act all happy shappy and you take everything deep down inside .. which comes out in glimpses .. n you bring it out time afte time .. may be never getting over it .. deep down inside ..

so .. I guess that heavy weight of loathing urself .. one has to bear with it ..

geet said...

going thru the same phase.and i have same questions. it is really impossible to imagine being in love at this time... take care

humbl devil said...

why cant you be happy for him???
try...and why do you need to move on???...hehe
ok, i think i m relating to my own condition...

try and be happy for him...and since he is with someone else that should help you move on!!!

Anonymous said...

so back into that non-exuberance (don't know whether that's a right word but u get the drift right.) phase?

umangexuberance said...

@at rakesh

nope guys
i am not back was just a day back at hell kind of thing, just finding out so suddenly about "her" kind of brought it on I guess..
I am back to my normal "exuberant" self :D
If nothing else, sitting in front of "The HR" in bus definitely helped ;)


baby, I have been asking the same questions for a year now, and we both know there are no answers
so I guess its about time we stop being so damn inquisitive and just accept that some things are just meant to be


you are right sweetie and trust me I am sick of all the loathing, be it self or otherwise

@humble devil

dude u r right that it shud have helped, but its just the fact that everytime someone else tries to come close to me, the first thing I think is "i don't think he is good enuf..he is not ankit" even though he had no difficulty in finding someone to replace me, that pisses me off with myself

anuj said...

so then its time that everything would turn out to be sweet .. and as far as the exp thing goes .. it brings about a bit of happiness thats unseen ..

koi na .. sab changa hovega ..

Anonymous said...

Is this the same guy - PDA? Why do you even bother to feature him?

pooja said...

dunno about the heavy stuff up there ..but i think the pic is v cute :D
on a more serious note - i believe that the power to retain/erase anything frm our mind lies in our hands...been there , done that ;)

umangexuberance said...

i am keeping my fingers crossed ;)

hmm...thats a question i too want to find an answer to..

yes you are right..but you would also know that it takes time and a lot of effort to get over some things
tc :)