Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Ending..!!

Had a long day at office, quite literally..was the last one to leave the bay..at a drop dead 9 pm!!!
By that time,
my kohl had melted from my eyes onto my cheeks and hands, from all that continual rubbing, waiting for the bugger of a job to run..
my eyes and my shirt had become the same shade of pink..
It had taken me 20 minutes to notice that the earphones plugged into my ears weren't playing anything 'coz the IPOD's battery was long dead..
I had reedited the same job twice, 'coz I found it difficult to differentiate between OPS_CAD and OPS_IND..

In short, I knew it was time to pick up my heels, and put on my bag and lock up the marker.. oops.. I mean pick up my bag put on my marker and lock the heels.. Oh! Whatever..!!!..
So, anyway, I was staggering towards what looked like the lift door, when my teammate offered me a lift to the auto, something I was in no position to deny.
Off I went on his brand new red HOT!! I mean Black HOT bike. And trust me, there is nothing like a ride under the stars on a fast bike to get your sight and your senses back. In short quite a happy ending to a not so happy day :) :) :)

Tonight I saw the wind's magic show
it took me high and dropped me low
it made me its undefeated queen
with a crown the colour of emerald green
Power without bounds i felt
as before me the world knelt
and the stars shone for me alone
as with a fury my hair were blown
as I closed my eye
and let out a sigh
the show came to an abrupt end
i had reached my auto-wala bend..


Jimmy said...

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anuj said...

ofcourse .. bike rides are fun (for me more from the riding perspective).. but with a clause ..

only when it is either evening .. that too a place where its not like 'dhul bhari aandhi' .. or an awesome weather .. with the shade of clouds supplemented by the coolness of the breeze ..

m sure u wud agree ..

.. so .. aati kya khandala? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, black hot bike but what bout the guy??? :P

umangexuberance said...




yes!! that's exactly the kind of ride I love..flying under the stars :)
and as for khandala..sure..anytime :D

the guy was kind of cute too ;)