Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanks for making me laugh when I thought it was humanly impossible to even smile



...LOL...ROFL...LMAO...Haaaaaahhhaaaa....bwwaaahhah....ROFL :) ;) :D :D :D



Monday, December 13, 2010

Three a.m. Blabbers...

I sometimes sit next to my window at night, looking up at the stars and wondering...
what happens to relationships that die, do they go to heaven or hell like people, do they become stars like fairies, or do they remain here... cold chilly spectres of themselves...
ghosts that torment those who killed them?
Why hasn't someone invented the morning after pills for relationship control?
Like sex without the consequence... rather safe than sorry....
got too close to someone, not ready to be haunted...well pop a pill and stop an unwanted relationship from coming into this world
If only someone had come up with this, a lot of people wouldn't be sitting at their windows at 3 a.m. in the morning, shivering from the ghosts that refuse to let go... looking at the spectres of their making through tear glazed eyes...

as I cower in the cold
the misty tendrils surround me
as they refuse to loosen their hold
the past through their eyes I see

I wonder what went wrong
when right it had seemed to be
I wonder why they weren't strong
feelings that felt like the sea

I wonder why I wish for one more chance
when into pieces he broke me
I wonder why I wish for that single glance
why he still holds the key
I wonder if they seize him too
these ghosts of our past love spree
I wonder if he misses me too
through a cold night's howling plea