Friday, September 4, 2009

A december evening

a mist of words so silenced
an embrace so sweet so violent
bodies mute
playing like a lute
a heartbeat missed
an earlobe kissed
a dancing soul
a burning coal
an evening I remember
of a forgotten December
the love so warm
impatient yet calm
the memories remain
like a foggy terrain
here I sit in my empty quilt
as cold as the heart frozen with guilt

PS: This is inspred from Priya's post A love Poem


Priya said...

That's awesome. Thank you very much girl!

Nikki said...


pooja said...

visiting ur blog after a long is as interesting as it always was :) good goin!

how can i explore ME... said...

lovely poem....

i love the picture you have used....:)

humbl devil said...

guilty as charged...


umangexuberance said...

arre I should be the one thanking you for being the source of inspiration behind this :)

Thanks a lot girl..glad you liked it :)

I am truly honoured :)
*tips the imaginary thinking hat* :D

@how can i explore me... took me longer to settle on the picture than it took me to write the poem :)

@humble devil
sorry dude.. u lost me there :|

ani_aset said...

lovely poem :)