Monday, June 1, 2009

aimless scribble

After ages I actually logged into gtalk and talked to old friends... and then at 1:30 in the morning had a sudden urge to scribble something here.
life has been a little topsy turvy recently...made a really hard, life changing decision
lost something very important to me with my usual talent for screwing up everything that matters to me
made a few new friends in hyd..don't know how long it will last
watched angels and demons today...if u separate it from the book it was actually ok but for someone who has read the book and loved it, it was murder, "literally"
i am still on bench...nine hours of doing nothing continue, though i have taken to looking up obscure things, case histories, movies etc on Wikipedia as my new hobby and it helps pass the time pretty well...
I don't know why i am scribbling all this... may be its been so long since i wrote something, the craving is overwhelming
I want to learn to play the guitar
i want friends
i want to have a good time
i want to slim down
i want to talk to someone who would make me laugh till my tummy ached
i want to travel
i want someone to give me company exploring Hyderabad
i want to start clicking pictures
i want to get soaked to my skin in the rain without being watched
i want to feel his breath on my shoulder
i want to cook something exotic
i want a big close long hug
i want to sleep
i want to be happy


Iggy said...

I wish you change your 'wants' to 'have' :)

Just go for it! :D

Anonymous said...

Where are all your friends? the most important people in this situation?

Nikki said...

Start all this by yourself? Don't wait up. Lost time never comes back!

Go for it girl!

Priya said...

Happiness resides within you babe, peep in!

radiohead said...

Exactly. Iggy is right. Its all about 'I have to'. Understand its not that easy to have some fun alone .. but some part of the last can be taken up .. as far as the companionship goes .. it is starting to build up .. it wud b good soon .. and its gonna b nice then.

Cooking, Sleeping (NOT sulking), slimming, friends, guitar, laughing, traveling, drenched in the rain, pictures .. all these are stuff that is in ur hands ..

just go ahead n do it .. someone frm distant may guide u as well .. if need be.

Stay Happy !!

PS: F.R.I.E.N.D.S can help a lot in the initial stage .. as long as u start getting bored of it .. u can then shift to HIMYM .. then sienfield .. loads of options.


umangexuberance said...


I am working on it :)


i don't have any friends in Hyderabad.


hmmm.... I am tying to makea move but things have a way of falling back


in my case its buried a little too deep. I guess i need a shovel ;)

u know u r a dude :)

radiohead said...

yeah, well I dont know about that. But you surely need to buy a Guitar and actually go MAD .. as has been predicted ..

there is a hidden fun in that madness, a strong serenity feeling, a way to vent out and a way to feel good as the waves on the string make way to your ear ..

And its a good thing to play with ..

If you still dont understand these reasons .. n have you BLOATED ego residing within .. God help you.

So, people would say .. dont so this dont do that .. I say that a LOT to people .. and would I follow that myself .. in some other sense may be .. so the people (sorry for addressing them like that but its a public forum) who are telling you to not do that have their own reasons cause they think at a different level .. but consider this when they were young and they wanted something .. they may have gone aboard and got it .. what did it cost then .. some anger .. some fight .. but when you reach that stage at which they are now and you look back you would realize that how stupid all those reasons were .. and that at least you did not miss out on to something that you wanted to do .. and it pays off ..

Its a way of living .. and moreover its not a BAD thing per se .. its a good thing to indulge in .. so worth the chance.

Peace !!

Reeta Skeeter said...

:-) god bless

umangexuberance said...

thanks :)


sometimes things aren't that simple

R. Ramesh said...

hahha...the "want" list never ends indeed...