Friday, June 26, 2009

The Funny Feeling

She looked up at the stars splayed across her ceiling
and wondered what was this funny feeling
that had left a snake slithering down her cheek
and an odd sniff, anything but meek

she looked out of her window at the children kneeling
and wondered what was this funny feeling
that made her feel so empty inspite of everything around
and wrapped her in blankets that blacken out every sound

she looked at the kiss the sun from the ocean was stealing
and wondered what was this funny feeling
that sent a tingle of memories chasing through her heart
and bred emotional hiccups that gave her a start

she looked at an old picture whose edges were peeling
and wondered what was this funny feeling
that made her laugh and cry at the faces in it
and wish they could have trapped time forever in a pit

PS: Listening to "kyu...phoolen ke khile khile se rang udd gaye" from kambakht ishq on repeat... wondering why my cheeks are so wet?


humbl devil said...

tujse jo kahaa tha karne ke liye kia ke nahi???

humbl devil said...

umangexuberance said...

haan baba kar diya maine wo kaam :)
i am better now :)

Zubin said...

Why do I land up in wrong times.. :D.. :p

On a serious note..whatever it is will be washed away by 'whatever' is keeping your cheeks wet. It feels after a washout. no..? It rained there as well?

And how have you been..?

ani_aset said...

i'm late..but m sure you are back with a bang now :)

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

hmm... those old memories.. is wht tht keeps us going..

der Bergwind said...

read quite a few of ur scribbles... understood 'em in my own way... there are no wrong or right answers, there only are the 'right' questions... to ask... n maybe just honor the thought... on the PS: .... id rather say "but it rained today..."

nice read...

mixdbrew said...

You sound like an alter-ego me...will come again to check on you :)

umangexuberance said...

@all thanks a lot guys for your support and comments.
Sorry i have been away from everything important in my life for a while, including my blog. But I will try to write something here soon