Thursday, November 20, 2008

Corporate Heels

I sit at the windowsill behind a wall of glass and look down at the flimsy tin roofed huts of the laborers working in the construction site next to my office. I don’t know why I find the sight so enigmatic and relaxing. It’s like I can sit there for hours just looking at the torn clothes and broken boots strewn across the silvery sheets, drinking cup after cup of watery dispenser coffee. But someone is waiting for me at my workstation… its time for implementing another code I don’t understand…trying to decipher error logs more cryptic than ancient Egyptian…remembering file paths longer than my blog posts… Sigh… Welcome to the life of an “Associate Software Engineer”. Yup that’s my new title…gone is the Queen Bee or the doll…It’s ASE now or “Absolute Stupidity Expert”, as I like to call it.

It’s been a mere 4 months and how much has changed…a pair of innocent run-down floaters have been discarded in favour of sophisticated corporate heels. The torn jeans have finally made it to where they should have reached years ago…the bin basket. It’s all razor sharp creases and stiff collars now. The girl who made a friend of every stranger with a single smile, now looks blindly ahead at the distorted image in the shiny doors of a jam-packed lift, feeling like a stranger to herself…

Not a very exciting life is it? Well, it has its moments…like the time when I walked into the store I had looked dreamily at for ages, pulled out my all new debit card and bought an unthinkably expensive pair of shiny black heels. Its another matter altogether that it took me 30 days to walk 30 meters in them without stumbling, and another 10 to get over the violent bites they gave me.

But I am getting better every day. Only yesterday, I climbed a hill of stones in heels…and only yesterday I completed one complete job of ciphers and codes all by myself…

PS: By the way, for all those bloggers who remember me, yup guys, Umang is back to blogging. I know I said I was done with blogging, what with how unbearably sad my blog had become. But, how long can you keep the shark (I would consider it a huge insult being compared to a mere fish, even if its in a proverb ;) ) out of the water. So, here I am with a brand new blog, to share my equally brand new (though not so shining) life. Hope I’ll still have it in me to write something worth reading after the proverbial long day at work.

And for those unlucky (ya I heard the uhms uhms ) souls who have had the misfortune(ok that cough wasn’t so discreet) of never reading me, hi!!!!!!! Guys, I am Umang aka exuberance and I… OH SHIT!!! I think that burning smell was my allooo-would-have-been…I better salvage some of it else my rumies would have me for dinner!! See ya!!


humbl devil said...

first of all welcome back!!!

(pardon the exhilaration see, you have come back during a ohase when many of my blog friends have hung up their blogging boots...hehe)

so your re-entryis like a breath of fresh air...:P

about owrd of advice...
all that trouble of getting adjusted to wearing heels just to be afflicted with chronic back pain in the future???

think and walk...heheh

DestinyFavChild said...

Welcome back Queen Bee ! :)

Reeta Skeeter said...

welcome back to the world of blogs :)
life's not bad am sure...big girl you are now!
All the best

miracle child!! said...

firstly your blog looked like a mansions without a fresh layer of paint and now when you have repainted it ...itlooks perfect...but i was a bit disappointed with the way you have written this...this is not you style ....probably these four years have changed you too much and i have to make fresh efforts to befriend you.if you dont blv me..then reread your older posts ...u will catch the glaring difference ..
and about your blog ..the posts are going to be examined with a finer eye now the new notion is to be set...i dont want to have a pre conceived one

umangexuberance said...

@humble devil
great to see you so excited about my reentry
must say I am flattered :D :D
and as for learning to wear heels, I'll say its worth the pain ;) :D

umangexuberance said...

thanku thanku thanku :)

umangexuberance said...

thanku sweetu
well, I am trying to be a big girl, but I dnt want to forget what its like to be the eternal kid :D

umangexuberance said...

@miracle child
dude, if u are looking for literary classics, you are the wrong place ;)
this is more of a laid back diary kind of blog
hope you'll get to like this 1 too

anuj said...

welcome to the quarter life crisis club ;)nd ASE ka matlan tcs .. rite ..

I guess I have also changed a bit after wearing the corporate boots .. more on the serious side .. but newyz thats life ..

so .. best wishes with setting urself in those pretty heels ..

umangexuberance said...

ASE means accenture
and well..I guess change is a way of life and I am all set to strut in those heels :)

pooja said...

hey umang ...havent read any previous posts of urs , but guess i will surely do from now on ..the transition from a carefree life to a straightjacket corporate set-up that we all hav to face on being "grown-ups" is certainly not easy as u hav put forward.
thnks for dropping by my blog ..

umangexuberance said...

and I am looking forward to having you as a reader :)
and by the way, if you want to check out any of my previous posts, you can do so at

humbl devil said...

ohh yeah..i forgot..stilettos double up as a gr8 weapon!!!

all the best...

Ankur said...

Hey...Good to see you back!
Can't be a regular here 'coz of my schedule, but I promise to drop by time 'n' again! Keep up the good work and welcome to the corporate! :-)

umangexuberance said...

yeah dude, so u finally got it ;) :D

umangexuberance said...

its good enuf if u take out time once in a while to pay a teeny veeny visit :)
and yeah corporate..Its quite living up to ur description