Friday, April 26, 2013


He saw her over his glass of scotch, sitting at the bar nursing a glass of red wine. The scarlet liquid paid a perfect complimet to the pair of delicious lips it passed through. Something about that simple act of raising her glass and taking a delicate sip, sent him to a surreal wood of scented ponds,  gracious nymphs and salvation...

She noticed him staring at her with an open intensity that evoked a reaction far from the usual disdain that she reserved for the roving eyes of bored businessmen in bars like these.
Something about those passionate dark eyes made her leave her half full glass of wine on the counter as she got up, rather unsteadily...

The chink of glass on wood brought his thoughts back to the indifferent bar. He saw the object of his very recent fantasies walking towards him and just couldn't look away, no matter how hard he tried.
She didnt stop, but walked past him, her soft arm brushing ever so lightly against his wiry one, sending shock and temptation surging through them both.
He got up and followed her, like that was what he had been destined to do. She didnt stop him when he got into the elevator with her or when he got off at the 13th floor behind her, not even, when he pushed aside the door of her room and walked right in, taking her in his arms, crushing her against himself.
It was like rediscovering an ancient comnection.. no words were needed between them.
They fell on the bed, together, kissing biting tearing at each other, like a hungry lion let loose in a meat factory.
They devoured one another in that moment of liquid heat.
The second time was slower.. they rediscovered each other.. the hidden cranies.. the oblivious spots... the trapped sighs, till they finally fell asleep, exhausted, yet alive, with a peace neither had ever experienced.
She woke up to his arms enveloping her like a perfect cocoon, as if they had done this all their lives.
She slowly slid out, turning for just a moment to watch the first light of dawn casting a strangely familiar shadow across his face...
She sighed before slipping into her dress and walking out.
He woke up trapped in rumpled sheets and last night's dream..
There was no sign of her, except a single sheet of hotel stationary with the words...
"It was, but a moment, yet in that one moment, I forgot eternity...Luv"


humbl devil said...

liquid heat???
:P :D

umangexuberance said...

I am very rusty :-P
I know its sort of cliched and very different from my usual style.. but it felt good to finally put some words on the screen

humbl devil said...

good to have you back...don't make it an annual ritual..write more often.. :D

umangexuberance said...

Its a start :-)