Friday, July 8, 2011

Crazy One-Legged Captain Crutches

I woke up today in my narrow bed, wondering who am I?
Am I the girl who lost her footing and the love of her life, both in the same week?
The helpless freak grounded in her room staring at her patched roof, silently screaming for life to happen.
Or am I the crazy One-Legged Captain Crutches all set to hop her way to another adventure?
Free, alive and with ideas zooming like lightening bolts in her head?

So I closed my eyes and felt the wind whip my hair, and when I opened them, my crutches were my broomsticks and I was flying, high and higher, up beyond the clutches of the evil patched roof and sodden staircases. Up above the clouds, in a kingdom of colours, and oh! what a sight it was. The Red screamed to me from my left the Green waved with its easy grace, Blue flowed past like a musical fountain and Yellow was all smiles and whoops of joy.
I was alive at last... as this surreal world crashed into me and wiped out everything else, till I turned into a kaleidoscope of feelings, emotions, passions and dreams.
And thus I found myself again, in my narrow bed, not with empty questions and a present that refused to pass, but with a smile, a dream and the broomsticks to live it...

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